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We call each of the resources listed and ask them a series of verification questions. Some of these include: whether a bystander can call, whether the organization charges for their services, and whether or not they respond with officers. *It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to note that currently almost every organization listed may choose to involve law enforcement if the situation has become dangerous* However, we feel it is still beneficial to call them so that the decision to involve police can be made by someone with training and experience in crisis intervention.

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Instead Of Police is a crowdsourced, nationwide database of community resources & mobile response teams to be utilized as alternatives to calling police. If you know of such a resource in your area, if you'd like to collaborate with organizing, research, or outreach, or if you have feedback, questions, concerns, or suggestions about the site, (BIPOC organizers especially) email insteadofpolice@protonmail.com.

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