Collaborate With Us

Instead of Police is a very new site. We are actively working to verify new leads that come in so that we can list as many resources as possible. There are some easy things you can do to help:


Share the site and our account. We want people to be aware of the current resources available in their area so they can be prepared. Sharing also helps us crowd source more resources to list on the site.


Go to your state’s page on our site and see if there is a resource in your area. If so, learn more about the organization and how they respond, then save the number! If you don’t see a resource in your area, check back soon. We are working behind the scenes to verify leads in over 20 states and are researching and adding more leads to be verified everyday.. 


Open a search engine and search the phrase: "mobile crisis response teams in [your state, city, or county]" and email the results to us at or press the contact button for us to verify and add to the site.



We are also looking for on-going assistance with translation, research, and calling organizations to get them verified and listed. If you'd like to volunteer time with us, email or press the contact button. Already in touch with us? Access the Volunteer Portal by clicking below.

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Instead Of Police is a crowdsourced, nationwide database of community resources & mobile response teams to be utilized as alternatives to calling police. If you know of such a resource in your area, if you'd like to collaborate with organizing, research, or outreach, or if you have feedback, questions, concerns, or suggestions about the site, (BIPOC organizers especially) email

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