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In the state of Florida between 2013 and 2019, 540 people were killed by the police.

Leon, Liberty, Franklin, Gadsden, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor, and Wakulla

Mobile Response Team (MRT)



The Mobile Response Team (MRT) is an 24/7 on-call crisis intervention service provided through Apalachee Center, Inc.  MRT provides emergency behavioral health assessment, and diversion to alternatives to inpatient treatment when appropriate.  Services may be accessed 24/7 through the MRT’s toll-free number: (800) 342-0774.  Services are provided through phone consultations and on-site response by Mobile Response Team clinicians. Outside Leon County, after hours (and other times when circumstances dictate) face-to-face telehealth is available via tablets provided to County Sheriff’s Departments.

Alachua County

Mobile Response Team (Youth 25 and under ONLY)



​The Mobile Response Team (MRT) is a 24 hour emergency mobile outreach team composed of experienced staff members who respond when a person aged 25 or younger is in crisis. MRTs provide on-demand crisis intervention services in any setting in which a behavioral health crisis is occurring, including homes, schools, and emergency departments. The team is dispatched at the request of law enforcement, school faculty, mental health providers, or concerned family and friends whenever face-to-face contact is essential.

We're Looking for More Resources in this State.
We are working to create an easily accessible and searchable database of community resources and organizations nationwide that offer crisis intervention services to be utilized as an alternative to calling the police. At the moment we are rapidly trying to verify leads to be posted to the site. If you know of such a resource in your area  press the contact button below or check back soon for updated resources in your neighborhood.