Instead Of Police is a crowdsourced, nationwide database of community resources & mobile response teams to be utilized as alternatives to calling police. If you know of such a resource in your area, if you'd like to collaborate with organizing, research, or outreach, or if you have feedback, questions, concerns, or suggestions about the site, (BIPOC organizers especially) email or


In nearly every state, black individuals are killed by police at a higher rate than the state average; in some cases, they are three or four times as likely to be killed. Based on data that stopped being collected in 2015, a person experiencing a mental health crisis was sixteen times more likely to be killed by a law enforcement officer. Many believe that mental health crises and a myriad of other situations would be better handled by trained mental health professionals than armed officers, and there are organizations out there proving this theory right now. Instead of Police provides a list of local, community response teams in each state that can serve as alternatives to the police in various situations.


When we began this project, we realized two things that have shaped our goals as a group: first, that community resources are incredibly difficult to find in an actual emergency. Second, that there are not nearly as many of these organizations as are needed. In the short term, we want to raise awareness about the alternatives that currently exist. Our main goal is to present this information in a way that can be easily accessed in a stressful situation, directly connecting people to local resources and reducing 911 calls that lead to contact with law enforcement, escalation, and violence. In the long term, we want to contribute to the current shift toward reducing reliance on law enforcement both by helping people access these resources directly (see Who To Call) and by providing existing organizations with tools and resources to improve their response (see How To Build).

The Resources

We are currently prioritizing researching and listing organizations with mobile crisis response teams,  but will eventually expand to include other community resources. We also want to note that while we are currently listing some organizations that are government funded and therefore must cooperate with law enforcement to some degree in certain situations, we will be updating and replacing these with more community centered organizations as the movement to #defundthepolice grows and the reallocation of funds leads to the creation of more autonomous, care, and community centered resources across the country.

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